Games 101: Everything You Need To Know About Injustice 2 DC Comics showdown part 2.
May 15 of 2017
In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War, The Stakes Are Much Higher [GDC 2017 Preview] This time you have dragons and an entire army at your command.
March 07 of 2017
Lego Dimensions Year 2 Content Features A-Team, Harry Potter, and Adventure Time A heavy-dose of nostalgia and quirk.
September 27 of 2016
LEGO Marvel Avengers Preview At Playstation Experience, TT Games demoed the follow up to LEGO Marvel Superheroes, giving an overview of the multiple hubs and some of the new character additions.
December 10 of 2015
LEGO Dimensions Review This is the best LEGO game, but if you want to unlock all the content, it'll cost a pretty penny for all those bricks.
October 16 of 2015
Mad Max Review I live, I die. I LIVE AGAIN!
September 08 of 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Coming Soon, Here's What's Inside The first interim patch is on the horizon. It has been a long, long wait for the PC gaming crowd.
August 21 of 2015
Mortal Kombat X Predator Bundle, Free Klassic Fatality Pack Available Tomorrow Get Predator, new character skins, and free fatalities... but mostly Predator.
July 06 of 2015
WB: Batman: Arkham Knight PC Fixes "Will Take Some Time" If you purchased Rocksteady's latest on PC, I'm very, very sorry.
June 29 of 2015
Mad Max Preview Put behind the wheel as cinema's most famous wastelander, what will you do with an expanse of desert, a upgradable monster of a vehicle, and some crazy destructive skills?
June 19 of 2015
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