Tekken 7 "No Glory for Heroes" Trailer Shows Blood Feuds and Backstory Tekken lore.
May 19 of 2017
Tekken 7 Preview Akuma, Akuma, AKUMA!! Wait, is he even from Tekken? They know he isn't, right?
June 22 of 2016
Tekken Creator Prefers Street Fighter's "Previous Model" of Expansions Rather Than Continual Updates Katsuhiro Harada believes that Street Fighter's Super, Ultra, etc. expansions are better for the player.
April 22 of 2016
Pokkén Tournament Review Despite a noticeable lack of Squirtle as a playable character, taking a chance on fusing these two franchises may have worked out for both Tekken and Pokemon.
March 15 of 2016
Tekken 7's Future in American Arcades and Consoles Is Uncertain, But It's Still Ready to Kick Ass Developer Michael Murray provides some details on Tekken 7's plans for American arcades, eSports, and online connectivity.
December 21 of 2015
Yoshimitsu Has Tentacles Now (Tekken 7) Ew.
May 10 of 2015
Bandai Namco Confirms Work Continuing on Tekken X Street Fighter with 40 Hired I'm keeping my hopes on the low end given the frustration fans may feel if the project never materializes.
January 22 of 2015
Saudi Arabian Shaheen Enters Tekken 7 Trips to the Middle East influenced the design.
January 03 of 2015
Pokkén Tournament Won’t Include Tekken Characters, Will Include All Types of Pokémon Don't worry, Poké fans, this will be a Pokémon-filled game through-and-through; the ultimate fan service for fans of fighters and the cute collectable creatures.
August 28 of 2014
Tekken X Street Fighter "Still in Development" Fighting game fans have nothing to worry about, as Bandai Namco's mash-up is still on track for release... someday.
July 28 of 2014
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