Report: Nintendo Has A SNES Classic Edition In Development Too soon?
April 19 of 2017
We Picked Final Fantasy Characters for Each Other to Marry It's like a gaming-focused episode of one of those dating shows. Remember Chuck Woolery?
February 12 of 2016
10 Best Christmas Games You should be playing these 10 games right now.
October 31 of 2015
4 RPG Moms You Have to Love It was "game moms" but then I realized all of these are from RPGs.
May 10 of 2015
BAMF Babes #3: Samus Aran And in this corner, standing at 6'3" we have the baddest bounty hunter in the universe. All shall bow before her epicness.
March 13 of 2015
Developer Spotlight: Square Enix Past, present, future.
February 23 of 2015
Blades of Steel, NHL 94, More 90's Hockey - Old Games With Grandpa Heath If Captain Comic were picking players for a pickup hockey game, who would be his first choice? Probably Cliff Ronning.
January 24 of 2015
My PS4 Has Never Been Online, And I'm OK With This - Can You Still Enjoy Games Offline? Try to discuss it calmly, rationally, and without a bunch of rage hate. Let's understand each other here.
December 29 of 2014
MANIFESTO / Take a Ride on the SaGa Express, Bitches Now!
December 14 of 2014
MANIFESTO / Firsts and Favorites: Final Fantasy (Heath & Janelle Podcast) Bravely Default's recent release and last year's Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary got us talking. We each discuss our first Final Fantasy game, as well as our favorite. Conveniently, no overlap!
February 09 of 2014
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