Square Enix Document Reveals Nier: Automata Generated Sales "Significantly Above" Expectations More where that came from, hopefully.
May 26 of 2017
NieR: Automata Review Glory to Mankind.
March 08 of 2017
Nier: Automata Was Originally Going To Be Like Farmville We're clearly in the better timeline.
March 03 of 2017
The Wii U Doesn't Need Star Fox This Year Star Fox Zero has been delayed until 2016, but it doesn't spell disaster for the Wii U this year.
September 21 of 2015
Transformers: Devastation Shown Off at SDCC, Looks Like Bayonetta Meets Transformers This could be a surprise hit for 2015.
July 09 of 2015
Platinum Is Announcing a New Game at E3 Bayonetta 3? Metal Gear Rising 2? What could it be? We've just one more week of waiting before we find out!
June 09 of 2015
Platinum Releases 8-Bit Bayonetta Game You Can Play in Your Browser And it's remarkably fun! If you're looking for a bit more action-filled fun, you should totally check it out!
February 02 of 2015
Bayonetta 2 Moderated Sexual Content With Intelligence and Humor For whatever reason, my totally positive review has been thrashed for issuing a score a few points below the average. Here's why I still enjoyed the game.
November 03 of 2014
Check Out This Bayonetta 2 Launch Trailer and Then Play the Demo We're just two weeks away from playing one of Wii U's biggest fall releases. Are you as hyped as I am?
October 10 of 2014
Bayonetta 2 Sales in Japan Underwhelm With the Wii U install base being what it is, I guess this shouldn't come as all too much of a surprise. Still unfortunate, though.
September 25 of 2014
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