Something Big Is Coming Next Friday From Total War Counting down.
March 23 of 2017
How To End Torment: Tides Of Numenera In Less Than 5 Minutes Utterly and completely meaningless.
March 08 of 2017
A Guide To Making Rhin Useful In Torment: Tides of Numenera Harmless, I'm sure.
March 01 of 2017
A Guide To Finding A Place To Sleep In Torment: Tides of Numenera Yawn.
February 28 of 2017
Okhlos Pits Angry Citizens Against the Gods in Ancient Greece Mob violence in a bizarre twin-stick roguelike RTS.
August 04 of 2016
7 Lessons From a Japanese Indie Game Festival Well I went down yonder to a place called Kyoto
It gets hotter than the Hotto Motto
We rode a few buses and hopped on the train
Felt a lotta joy and a little bitta pain
July 23 of 2016
Tyranny Preview Obsidian Entertainment's new venture is looking like one of the best of the year.
June 22 of 2016
Sword Coast Legends Delayed to October 20, Fans Surprisingly Not That Disappointed Having logged in about 68 hours in the game so far, I believe this is time well spent.
September 22 of 2015
Valve Announces Steam Machine Release Date Valve's Steam Machines come out this Fall, and they're available for pre-order starting today.
June 04 of 2015
Wasteland 2 GotY Will Be Free for All Owners If you have a copy of Wasteland 2, you'll receive this enhanced edition free of charge.
May 07 of 2015
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