Report: Up To 30% Of eSports Fans Don't Even Play The Game They Watch Avoiding the toxicity.
May 15 of 2017
February 2017 eSports Calendar: Major Tournaments to Watch Excitement awaits.
January 30 of 2017
Top 10 Popular Games That People Still Play 5+ Years After Release Still going strong.
December 29 of 2016
MANIFESTO / Riot's Explanation for Not Having Sandbox Mode Is Baffling Sorry, no practice mode for League of Legends, because reasons?
August 05 of 2015
Imagine Dragons and League of Legends Partner for Intense New Single Add the Grammy-winning band to the long list of celebrities who like to LoL.
September 18 of 2014
Number of eSports Tournaments in 2014 Will Rise by 539% Over Last Three Years, Estimates Battlefy Also, let's look at the top 10 games with the most eSports tournaments in 2013.
July 31 of 2014
MANIFESTO / Editor's Corner: Pro Gamers Are Not Athletes, But So What? A university is now accepting gamers for an athletic scholarship, a point which has apparently struck a nerve.
April 09 of 2014
Riot Games Allows Fans To Create Fighting Game Of League Of Legends Fighting game can be created, just not sold. If you want to help out, the fan group is looking for assistance.
July 17 of 2013
MANIFESTO / "Anonymous Good Samaritan" Donates $500,000 To Justin Carter For Bail Praise to the person who fronted up all that cash to release Justin Carter from prison. That's a saint right there. The criminal system in Texas on the other hand...
July 11 of 2013
The Most Addicting Games Of The Past Decade If you reply to our ‘What Are You Playing?’ articles every week with the same game, you’re probably playing one of these time-vampires.
January 13 of 2013
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