The Disney Afternoon Collection Review Greetings from the 90s.
April 18 of 2017
Cancelled Darth Maul Game Could Be Revived Red Fly Studio had its Darth Maul title cancelled by LucasArts. But that could all change.
October 26 of 2015
MANIFESTO / Games 101 - Disney Infinity 3.0 Disney's toys-to-life game has gotten stronger with every entry, and this one adds Star Wars! Found out what we know about it in this handy video!
August 04 of 2015
Hulkbuster and Ultron Playable in Disney Infinity 3.0 at Comic-Con Along with the Disney Infinity Pop-Up Shop.
July 08 of 2015
Star Wars: Uprising Announced A new mobile RPG enters the world of Star Wars.
June 04 of 2015
Concept Art for Canceled Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game Emerges The iOS and Android Kingdom Hearts was set to feature worlds from Frozen, Star Wars, and Wreck It Ralph.
March 16 of 2015
Kingdom Hearts III Launching in 2015, According to Voice Actor [Update: Square Enix Comments] The voice of Goofy is claiming the third proper entry in the Disney Square mashup will be out by year's end.
January 07 of 2015
MANIFESTO / Movie Review: Big Hero 6 Disney’s film featuring a team of heroes goes a long way in selling the importance of team work in a totally strange and yet, freakishly familiar place.
October 27 of 2014
Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Soundtrack Announced, Collaborating With London Symphony Orchestra Interacting with music where you're not flailing your arms around at home. You're sitting quietly in a big theater.
September 24 of 2014
Disney Infinity Featured as Free Download on Nintendo Wii U The house of mouse and the number one-selling brand for family gaming have teamed up to offer the toys-to-life platform to anyone on Wii U.
August 25 of 2014
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