Overwatch: Symmetra's Upcoming Rework May Be Exactly What She Needed

Posted on Tuesday, November 22 @ 11:00:00 PST by James_Kozanitis

At long last, the rework of Symmetra in Overwatch, first teased in a developer update video back in early October, has finally been detailed in a new video above. More than that, these changes may be exactly what she needed.

Everyone knows Symmetra's main problem - beyond the idea that you could get reported merely for picking her - is that she was such a hyper-situational character with whom it was difficult to succeed even in that situation. This update, which Game Director Jeff Kaplan said will be coming to the PTR "very soon," will first and foremost make her a hero worth picking in almost any scenario, while buffing elements that desperately needed it to make Symmetra more effective while they're at it.

Only time will tell if these updates go a long way to making her appear in games more often (she's currently the third-least-picked hero in Overwatch, per, ahead of only Ana and Sombra, or if they will make her more viable when she is picked, but reading over the intended changes, it's hard to see how it won't.

Here is the list of changes, as outlined in the video:

Symmetra's Ultimate

Symmetra will become the first hero in Overwatch to have two Ultimate abilities, from which she can choose. While they aren't phasing out the teleporter, Blizzard is now giving Symmetra players a new option in case a teleporter just isn't want your team needs right now. Instead of a teleporter, you will be given the option to instead put down a Shield Generator, which will put a "substantial shield" upon all of her teammates.

This Shield Generator will also ignore line of sight, so she can hide it just like she does her Teleporter, and it will still affect her teammates.

But, if you still want to use her teleporter, it works exactly the same, but it has more health, and some of the health is now Shield health, which means it will regenerate if the shield portion isn't destroyed completely. This means that opponents will have to put in a concerted effort to actually destroy a teleporter.

Photon Shield

With the addition of a Shield Generator, the Photon Shield would seem redundant, so it's been replaced entirely with Photon Barrier. Think of this ability like a moving Reinhardt shield, that moves along a projected track separate from any particular hero. She can use this to defend her teammates from incoming fire or to put an extra layer of security on her "nest."

Turret Tweaks

What Kaplan called in the video a "minor" tweak to Symmetra's sentry turrets might end up being the biggest change of all. Before, she could place down three turrets every cooldown period with a maximum of six turrets at time. This was great for setting up a nest, where she could camp out and defend, but, it was not ideal if she had to move her nest, because it would take too long to set up.

Now, however, she will be allowed to place all six of her sentry turrets on one cooldown. This is, with no exaggeration, huge. This is a staggering increase to her effectiveness, to be able to rapidly set up "microwaves" as they are known, all throughout the map at a moment's notice.

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