Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats

  • Master of the Wildlands (Platinum): You get this trophy after you’ve collected all others.
  • Mission Master (Gold): Complete all the missions.
  • The Champion (Gold): Reach the highest level and acquire the maximum amount of XP points.
  • The End (Gold): Play through the game’s entire story.
  • Heavy Medals (Silver): This trophy is for getting all the other bonus medals.
  • Legendary Hunter (Silver): Find all legends in the game.
  • Long Shot (Silver): Snipe an enemy from more than 400 meters.
  • No Better Rebel (Silver): Reach the maximum for every rebel skill.
  • Only the Best (Silver): Obtain all the upgrades available.
  • Pull! (Silver): Take down a flying enemy helicopter using a mortar.
  • Real Rebel (Silver): Unlock all Rebel skills.
  • The Whole Story (Silver): Discover all of the in-game documents.
  • A Better Mousetrap (Bronze): Using a single mine, kill 7 enemies or more.
  • A Good Start (Bronze): Finish the first mission and you’ll get this trophy.
  • Assault Rifle Fanatic (Bronze): Find all types of rifles.
  • Bad Reputation (Bronze): Do the Influence operation.
  • Beat the Boss (Bronze): Take down your first-ever boss.
  • Black-out Boomer (Bronze): Use a C4 to destroy a generator.
  • Broken Locks (Bronze): Complete the Security operation.
  • Cluster Bomber (Bronze): Use a C4 charge to kill at least 7 enemies.
  • Deadly Curious (Bronze): Interrogate 20 sources.
  • Death from Above (Bronze): Use a drone to kill an enemy.
  • Death in the Dark (Bronze): Sneak up on someone and kill him in a close combat at night.
  • Eagle-Eyed (Bronze): Mark at least 100 different enemies with your binoculars.
  • Eye in the Sky (Bronze): Mark at least 100 different enemies with your drone.
  • Fearless (Bronze): Perform a skydive at least 10 times during the game.
  • Finished the Job (Bronze): Finish off an injured enemy in close combat.
  • Handgun Fanatic (Bronze): Find all the handgun models.
  • Highway Bandit (Bronze): Mark at least 10 convoys with your binoculars or a drone.
  • Legend Hunter (Bronze): Find just one legend.
  • Light Machine-Gun Fanatic (Bronze): Discover all of the machine-gun models.
  • Rebel Sympathizer (Bronze): Unlock one Rebel skill.
  • Road Warrior (Bronze): Drive for 100 kilometers.
  • Serious Collector (Bronze): Find one half of all the documents in the game.
  • Shotguns Fanatic (Bronze): Discover all the shotgun models available.
  • Shut Down (Bronze): Do the Production operation.
  • Smuggler's Blues (Bronze): Do the Smuggling operation.
  • Sniper Rifle Fanatic (Bronze): Find all the different sniper rifles in the game.
  • Spice of Life (Bronze): Try out every type of side mission in the game.
  • Submachine-Gun Fanatic (Bronze): Discover all the submachine guns.
  • Teamwork! (Bronze): Do at least three missions in a co-op mode.
  • Top Drone (Bronze): Buy all the upgrades for your drone.
  • Ultimate Skill (Bronze): Buy all the Skill branch upgrades.

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