Persona 5 Cheats

Persona 5 has total of 49 trophies. Successfully complete one of the mentioned tasks to get a matching trophy.
  • Legendary Phantom Thief - Earn all trophies.(Platinum)
  • A New Journey - See the ending. (Gold)
  • Beyond Rehabilitation - Defeat the twins. (Gold)
  • Great Phantom Thieves Convene - Max out all Confidants. (Gold)
  • Passionate Listener - Hear 250 of Futaba's navigation lines. (Silver)
  • Mask Collector - Complete the Persona Compendium. (Silver)
  • A Unique Rebel - Defeat the Reaper. (Silver)
  • A Perfect Job - Complete all requests. (Silver)
  • One Who Rebels Against God - Create Satanael. (Silver)
  • Castle of Lust Falls - Complete the Castle Palace. (Bronze)
  • Museum of Vanity Closes - Complete the Museum Palace. (Bronze)
  • Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt - Complete the Bank Palace. (Bronze)
  • Pyramid of Wrath Collapses - Complete the Pyramid Palace. (Bronze)
  • Spaceport of Greed Destroyed - Complete the Spaceport Palace. (Bronze)
  • Casino of Jealousy Shut Down - Complete the Casino Palace. (Bronze)
  • Cruiser of Pride Sinks - Complete the Cruiser Palace. (Bronze)
  • The True Trickster - Complete Mementos. (Bronze)
  • Phantom Thieves Formed - Form the Phantom Thieves. (Bronze)
  • Merciless Executioner - Perform 50 Persona fusions. (Bronze)
  • Execution Leading to Rebirth - Perform a Guillotine execution. (Bronze)
  • The Ultimate Strike - Dead over 999 damage in a single attack. (Bronze)
  • Perfect Combination - Complete 50 All-out Attacks. (Bronze)
  • Precise Insight - Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times. (Bronze)
  • A Phantom Thief's Duty - Obtain a Treasure Demon. (Bronze)
  • My Best Partner - Enter a special relationship with someone. (Bronze)
  • Soul of Rebellion - Obtain the Persona Arsene. (Bronze)
  • Mask of an Honor Student - Rank first place on your exams. (Bronze)
  • A True Confidant - Max out one Confidant. (Bronze)
  • Power that Connects - Perform a Baton Pass 3 times in a single turn. (Bronze)
  • I am Thou - Obtain a Persona through negotiation. (Bronze)
  • Countless Masks - Obtain 30 Personas through negotiation. (Bronze)
  • The Sneaking One - Ambush the enemy 50 times. (Bronze)
  • Drink Fanatic - Buy every kind of drink from vending machines. (Bronze)
  • True Talent - Max out all social stats. (Bronze)
  • Nominating the Twins - Performs a Group Guillotine execution. (Bronze)
  • Atop Countless Sacrifices - Perform a Gallows execution. (Bronze)
  • A Sublime Experiment - Perform an Electric Chair execution. (Bronze)
  • Through One's Sentence - Learn a new Persona skill through Lockdown. (Bronze)
  • Competent Negotiator - Successfully rescue a hostage from an enemy's threat. (Bronze)
  • Skilled Gunman - Defeat 3 or more enemies at once with a single round of bullets. (Bronze)
  • Beginner Phantom Thief - Complete 5 requests. (Bronze)
  • My Backyard - Unlock all hangout spots. (Bronze)
  • Guardian of the Pond - Catch the Guardian of the fishing pond. (Bronze)
  • Aggressive Searcher - Obtain 150 items from searchable objects in Palaces. (Bronze)
  • Under-the-Table Goods - Customize a gun. (Bronze)
  • Craftwork - Create all types of infiltration tools. (Bronze)
  • Bookworm - Read all books. (Bronze)
  • Golden Finger - Complete all video games. (Bronze)
  • The City's Hard Hitter - Hit a home run at the batting cage. (Bronze)

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