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Hypocrisy, it's for everyone!

Posted on Thursday, March 31 2016 @ 16:39:20 PST

This is a decent spot to voice my thoughts, no one is going to read it. Let's see... a few years ago a certain controversy happened, and suddenly, there is a large (very large) group of people who are very vocal against... everything. The Internet. We're talking about people who who use the internet here. All of them. We're even talking about people who don't, in fact. Although I will be talking specifically about the video game industry, most of the arguments can be made against every industry out there, from the movie industry, to the music industry, and even the regular workforce.

Let's start off with censorship. Censorship comes in a lot of forms, from government applied censorship to peer censorship, to cultural censorship and social censorship. There are a lot of different ways of applying censorship to someone, and in my experience, people will often grow confused as to what exactly censorship is and isn't. I want to discuss a recent controversy, merely as an example, but it isn't the focus of this blog. Let's talk about Tracer and her butt.

Tracer's ass was recently a subject of controversy, due to the perceived attack by so-called SJW (We'll touch on that later or in a different blog). It would seem the Internet, more specifically, gamers are upset that a pose was removed due to the complaints by a group of people who are upset over the fact she has an ass. Let's clear up a few things before we dwelve into this...

First, it was not a group of people. It was not an organized effort, nor was it an attempt to censor anything. There was no one offended, in fact, I will link the catalyst post here.

Go ahead, read it. I don't see any mention of being offended, pissed off, or calls for censorship. I bet you don't either, dear reader. That's because there isn't one. It never happened. Instead, there is a single person with a well-reasoned thread making some comments. I don't see a request to remove anything here, it isn't suggested, mentioned or intoned. It's a request to Blizzard, going forward from this point, to perhaps think things over first.

Hmm... interesting. So, let's talk about the fallout. Blizzard removed the post, on their own accord apparently because nobody asked them to do it. If any of the follow-up posts to that original post request it, my point still stands. The original post did not make any such claim or request. When Blizzard removed the post, well, the Internet sort of had a collective ****-fit.

So that post, which was well-mannered and reasoned, gets a response like this:

They are insulted, and cussed at... none of this helps. It doesn't accomplish, or solve anything. It's bad form.

Now, the Internet seems to think this is censorship, for some odd reason. This is where people get upset, and I suppose they may have a point, but only if their point isn't based on misinformation and overreactions, which it is. If Blizzard removed the pose because fans demanded it, that would be social censorship (a sort of mass-version of peer censorship). However, they didn't. They said so themselves, and if you read the original post (go on, do it, quit taking my word for it, this is how this **** happens to begin with), there was no call for any removal of any kind.

However! This is the interesting part, at least to me. It would seem the Internet, the very same ones who are trying to attack an imaginary group for censoring their video games, music and movies, are actively applying social censorship and making it hard, downright difficult, for anyone who has an issue with something to speak up. How is that so, you ask? It's simple.

Every time someone speaks up about something, either sexism, racist, bigotry, or even simpler, less complicated issues, the Internet attempts to shut it down by angry posts, videos, threats, e-mail and in some cases, hacking of personal electronic devices. Yeah, that's censorship. You're attempting to silence someone's opinion, and obfuscate their beliefs. It's an unintentional propaganda war against, well, basically anyone with an opinion they'd like to share.

I don't believe the Internet does this on purpose, because really, most people are good, kind people who believe in doing the right thing, sincerely. A lot of these people believe they are fighting some sort of good fight against the evils of censorship, because there is a lot of people who are unwilling to do the research themselves.

Misinformation hurts, it creates a lot of problems, and please don't be a hypocrite. Don't fall into the false equality fallacy either, such as "Well they're complaining about Tracer's ass, what about the violence?!" That sort of thing doesn't hold up in high school debate class, and it won't hold up in a real debate either, so leave that sort of thing at home. If you're going to debate something with someone, please do your research on proper debate ethics and format, and most of all, research the hell out of whatever subject you're debating.

That concludes this Blog, in the next one, we're going to continue this line of thought and discuss why it's absurd to get offended because someone was offended.